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Air Duct Replacement


Any properly licensed AC Company can replace ductwork in FL. Take out the old, put in the new. 

If only it were that simple.

Mold, viruses and other allergens in ductwork can be considered hazardous material. Some duct replacement practices can do more harm than good.

Imagine, moldy ductwork being ripped out of your ceiling, dragged straight through your kitchen, then out to the trashcan where it's disposed of.  Everywhere the ductwork goes, mold spores are sure to follow.

HVAC Remediation is a messy job that can cause serious health problems if not performed carefully. Proper containment is key to mitigating adverse health risks while improving indoor air quality.  Not everyone who offers HVAC services understands that. 

EnviroAir Systems is a NADCA Certified, Licensed AC Contractor. We have over 20 years in the HVAC and

HVAC Hygiene Industry. Our NADCA Certified Technicians can follow and apply NADCA, ASHRAE and ANSI guidelines properly.  Our customers know they are getting the expert service from knowledgeable professionals.


Common HVAC Ductwork 

Flex Duct Work.png
Flex Duct
Fiberglass Duct Board.png
Duct Board
Metal Ductwork.png
Metal Duct
Duct Replacement vs. Duct Cleaning

Should ducts be replaced or cleaned? It's a common question that can be answered after a thorough inspection of the HVAC Duct system by a NADCA certified, licensed AC professional. 

Not all ductwork can be properly cleaned and mold can't always be removed. There are many types of ductwork that will need to be approached differently for optimal benefit.

Many factors determine whether ducts need replacement or just cleaning. Location, type of ductwork, age of HVAC system, level of contamination, the condition of ducts and other physical elements are considered when making a knowledgeable assessment.

The health condition of occupants in any building are an important aspect of the assessment process. In situations where people and animals are sensitive to indoor mold or other allergens, it's important that elimination of health risks be weighed above all else.

EnviroAir Systems, NADCA certified Ventilation Inspectors (CVI), will complete an HVAC Duct Inspection and assess the current condition of the AC Ventilation System.


Once an assessment is completed, an actionable plan for HVAC Remediation can be developed and implemented.

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