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Photocatalytic Oxidative
Air Purifiers

EnviroAir Systems PCO Technology utilizes a light activated catalyst reacting with pollutants to oxidize them. It reduces viral particles in breathing air. These pollutants undergo a chemical reaction that diminishes them into a non-toxic substance.

Our air purification system also uses UV light to reduce hidden odors and greatly improve the quality of air in your home.

Each EnviroAir Systems PCO unit is a self-contained air purification system that remediates mold, bacteria, volatile organic compounds, harmful contaminants and odors found in some HVAC Systems.


PCO EnviroAir Systems.png

PCO Features

Treats air throughout the entire home, not just one room.
Reliable, low maintenance, compact design.
Safe, efficient operation that uses less power than a 20 watt light bulb.
Freshens recirculated air during winter and summer months when homes are closed to outdoor air.
Helps to eliminate 'sick house' syndrome.

The UV Bulb illuminates two fields of titanium dioxide. The unit's surface is enhanced with multiple catalytic metals (silver, copper, rhodium). PCO technology allows ionized hydro-peroxide and hydroxyl ions to be created in the HVAC system, which results in the creation of oxidizers.

Beneficial for respiratory issues.
Helps to control odors such as smoke, cooking and pet odors.
Silent, discreet operation
Low wattage, uses only 18 watts of electricity
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