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Commercial Air Duct Services

Light Commercial to Industrial

EnviroAir Systems specializes in both large and small facility Commercial Air Duct Services.  Our teams are extensively trained, certified and uniformed. We are up to the task of improving your facility's overall indoor air quality while maintaining OSHA standards and the EnviroAir Systems Safety Policy. You can be assured that our staff will remain courteous and respectful.

All Inspections are completed by a NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI) and a certified Air Systems Cleaning Specialist (ASCS) is on staff at all times.


EnviroAir Systems maintains all licenses, insurance and safety certifications necessary to complete your requested service quickly, correctly and discreetly.


EnviroAir Systems is an industry leader in Ventilation and Air Duct services. With over 20 years in the HVAC Hygiene Industry, we are the knowledgeable choice.


Where to start

Commercial Services

Worksite HVAC | Indoor Air Quality Consultation

Coordinating the improvement of the air quality in your building can be a daunting task.

EnviroAir Systems understands that creating a plan of action to tackle IAQ issues within your facility can take a lot of planning. Our experienced team leaders and NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspectors can organize, implement and maintain a structured schedule for service at any facility.

EnviroAir Systems certified and trained Indoor Air Quality team can inspect, restore and maintain mechanical systems and ducting that lead to a healthier environment for your customers and staff. You can expect our pros will interact regularly with your company's Project Managers to establish and achieve realistic timelines.

We are committed to minimizing disruption at your business and our teams work on your requested schedule.

If you're not sure where to start, the EPA suggests reading the Building Air Quality Action Plan.

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Photocatalytic Oxidative Air Purification Installation
Air Filtration Installation
Anti Microbial Coating
Air Duct Sealing
HVAC Coil Cleaning
Air Duct Repair
Air Duct Replacment
UV Light Installation
Commercial UV Light Santizing

EnviroAir Systems commercial UV light systems improve indoor air quality for building occupants by reducing airborne biological contaminants and toxic VOCs. We offer practical solutions for all industrial, medical, retail, corporate, and hospitality applications.

The air handler of any forced air AC system can be a potential breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria.


HVAC UV lights are very effective at controlling contaminants inside the air handler. Our UV light systems are equipped with coil sanitizing technology that sanitizes your air handler coil 24/7.  Any microbial growth existing within the light coverage area will be eliminated.

Most UV light bulbs will need to be replaced every 6-12 months or air quality may be reduced.

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Healthcare facilities

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