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A NADCA Certified Ventilation Inspector (CVI), has the expertise to assess, diagnose and prescribe measures that properly address issues in the HVAC Ventilation System. Keep in mind, not all NADCA Certified Professionals can access sections of the duct system or AC components during an inspection without an AC license.  

NADCA does not require State Licensure to be a member.

This means unlicensed operators can be NADCA certified but can't complete necessary repairs or properly remediate ducts or AC units.


On the other hand, properly licensed AC Contractors have an understanding of the mechanical equipment of your HVAC system and how it's components work. However, not all AC technicians are properly trained to ensure health risks are decreased during various types of HVAC remediation. This can mean they have the potential to make your situation worse by stirring up and distributing mold spores directly into the indoor environmental envelope. That can be dangerous.


EnviroAir Systems is the ideal coupling of both the Licensed HVAC and Air Duct Cleaning industries. Our company has over 20 years in the HVAC and HVAC Hygiene Industry. EnviroAir Systems NADCA Certified Technicians are trained to follow and apply NADCA, ASHRAE, ANSI guidelines correctly.

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